Best Squash Racket For Beginners! (Selection Guide)

It is very important for you to choose the right squash rackets if you want to achieve success in squash. As many players say a racket is just like an extension of your arm. When you are ready to get yourself your first ever racket you may have questions regarding which one to get. What should the balance be? Does weight matter? strings, head size, grips, etc. Try to choose a racket that makes you feel confident when you hold it if you make this your primary deciding factor then you probably have the best racket for you.

However, all of these factors that I have listed below will help you find the best squash racket for your play style.


Generally the weight of heavy rackets is 160g, mid-weight rackets are between 140 to 160g and finally, lightweight rackets are lower than 140g. Sometimes weight shown on the squash rackets is unstrung. When you add the string to the racket it will weigh a little more. But as a general rule of thumb, you get more power on your hits with a heavier racket as compared to the lighter racket. But on the other side lightweight racket will make you will feel more comfortable when playing and your hands will not pain as much.

Due to a recent change in technology, lighter rackets are being created with the help of sophisticated materials and hence you will be able to produce the same amount of power with the help of lighter racket as compared to their heavier counterpart, with better control and comfort. A combination of light and powerful racket makes for a winning combo, but this comes at a price and if you are a beginner then you probably will not even notice the difference. So keep this in mind when you are getting your first racket.

Which Squash Rackets Should I Buy?

Every player has a different need and playstyle. Dunlop, Wilson, Prince, and Head are the most commonly used brands by world-famous squash players.

Prince O3Prince squash racket is a great racket with the perfect price to performance ratio. If you are going to buy a racket for your first time then try to avoid a racket which is too light as lighter racket are generally more expensive as compared to heavy racket they will also have less power. If you are a beginner then it is important for you to be able to play a good long shot. That is past the server’s box, hitting the ball to the back of the court.

Always try to buy a racket that is well balanced and durable (not head light or head heavy). As you improve your gameplay you will be able to control your swing on powerful shots much better. Buy a racket which has 490 cm2 or greater head size. So in this way, you will get a larger spot to hit the shots.

Generally famous squash player prefers lighter squash rackets over heavier ones because they are more maneuverable. If you have strong frontcourt game then larger head squash racket is a great choice for you. Once you have found the perfect racket for you that best suits your skills than try to buy a spare one as well because sometimes manufacturers discontinued old rackets model.

The Only 1 Squash Racket A Beginner Needs! (Selection Guide)
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The Only 1 Squash Racket A Beginner Needs! (Selection Guide)
Proper Equipment is needed in order to be good at Squash. Check this guide on selecting the Best Squash Rackets and everything you need to know about it!

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