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What Are The Different Types Of Squash Ball? (Six Types)

Choosing the best squash ball is very important in the game of squash! As squash players play only with the ball and their rackets. The game of squash is a popularly played among 2 or 4 players.

If you are new to squash or are just starting out then all the balls may look identical to you but there are quite a few different types of squash balls available. Many brands are available in the market these days but the primary ones are Prince, Dunlop, and Slazenger. These squash ball manufacturers are the most popular brands in the world as they make the best quality products.

The right ball will make you enjoy the game a lot more! There are about 6 balls available for this game. In Squash, the balls are denoted by the color of the dot. Dot is the only thing which enables the player to know some special characteristics of the balls such as the ability of the ball to bounce more. The world squash association is responsible for all technical details and specifications. There are lots of conditions that directly affect the bounce of a ball.

Squash Ball Types

Super Slow – Yellow Dot

This ball is able to cool down very quickly if the temperature outside is cold. Rallies are generally shorter when playing with this type of ball.

Slow – White Or Green Dot

This ball is an ideal for winters. Also, squash players that are not very experienced should not play with this ball.

Medium – Red Dot

This ball is also one of the best squash balls for beginners and it is often used by coaches. Medium – Red dot ball does not vary in bounce as much as yellow dot ball does.

Fast – Blue Dot

When the players try to develop hand-eye coordination with the purpose of gaining confidence then the blue dot ball is ideal. Blue dot ball gives more time to the player to strike the ball so that’s why it is very suitable for the peoples who are juniors or new to squash.

4 types of squash ballsPro – Double Yellow Dot

The double yellow dotted ball is the official ball of world squash federation, women’s international squash association, and professional squash association. This is one of the best balls designed by Dunlop and this is the only ball used in international play. Pro double yellow dot ball is most suitable for squash tournament, a good club, and professional players.

Competition – Single Yellow Dot

The single yellow dotted ball is designed primarily for intermediary players. The size of this ball is the same size as the pro double yellow dotted ball. But on the other hand, this ball has 10% longer hang time.

What Are The Different Types Of Squash Ball? (Six Types)
Article Name
What Are The Different Types Of Squash Ball? (Six Types)
Choosing the best squash ball is important in squash, as players hit the ball with their rackets in a specific direction with the purpose of getting points.


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