Finding the right squash gear kit for you can be a tedious task. Well, that is the reason why you are reading this article. A beginner always finds it difficult to find the exact racket that would suit its need. He can go with two different approaches what we call a shotgun approach trying every gear one by one and finding the suitable one but who in this world has that much time so we go with number two. Number two here refers to finding the racquet according to your gameplay your style. A bundled squash kit would contain racquets, rubber balls, and high-quality court shoes. But, how to find the one for you that would suit your style? In fact, what is your style? You will get to know all this just in a few moments.


The racquet is undoubtedly the most crucial thing on which a game depends. They are also called the extension of your arms. So keep in mind the following things while choosing the correct racquet.

  • Strong and Durable: Well if you are a player who likes to with some smashes along the court then go for a strong racket that can easily consume the shocks and doesn’t bring any harm to your arm. As this harm due to vibrations can create some serious issues. Go for a Wilson Hyper hammer 145 it can easily be said the most powerful one in the list. It is available at Amazon at a price of $90.

wilson racket

  • Weight: Well apart from playing style this thing depends much more on physique. As that old rule goes heavier the racquet the more power you can embed in your shot and lighter it is the more control you get. So, if you are big and bulky you may go for a heavy racquet but if you are somewhat who is less bulky there is no issue going for a lighter one. Indeed weight of a racquet must never exceed 160gms in any case. As anything more than this would affect your ability to swing the racquet swiftly.  Dunlop Force Evolution 120 is the best and lightest racquet which gives great control and power too.

Squash Balls

Squash balls are available in different colors which manifest the speed of the ball.

  • Yellow is super slow ball
  • Green or White is an identity of slow ball
  • Red Ball is used for medium speed
  • Blue is the fast one

4 types of ball

The experienced and professional players use slower balls while playing squash sport so if you are a neophyte in this game, then it is highly recommended to use a faster one. The learner must use faster one to make the ball bounce easier.

Balls of many different brands are readily available in the market at very affordable rates.

Court Shoes

This is one of the most spurned and ignored gear of the squash sport. When you take opinions from senior and experienced players, this is the highest recommended equipment of this sport. The good quality athletic shoes play a very significant role while playing. Here are some tips to buy court shoes:

  • The shoe sole must have cushioned perfectly to absorb the harmful vibrations while playing.
  • The shoes must be designed to “wrap snugly around” the foot of the player to lessen the chance of slippage during sharp turns. The low-quality shoes can also break and harm your toenails.
  • The high quality relatively stiffer shoes are a good option to buy for greater support of the feet which is also helpful to protect our feet against sprained ankles.

So these were some very necessary gears in squash without which squash is incomplete. Find the one that suits you and begin your career.