It is very important for you to choose the right squash rackets if you want to want to achieve success in squash. So due to this reason, lots of squash experts said that squash racket in just like an extension of your arm. When you are going to buy a squash racket for the first time you may be thinking of the balance, weight, strings, head size and grip. Try to choose such squash racket that feels good to your personally, then there are more chances that you will probably play with your racket, for a while at least. However, all of these factors which I have discussed below can help you a lot to decide that which squash racket best suits your playing style.

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Generally the weight of heavy rackets is 160g, mid-weight rackets are between 140 to 160g and finally, light weight rackets are lower than 140g. Sometimes weight shown on the squash rackets is unstrung, so with the help of these strings rackets are can weigh a little bit more. But as a general rule, you are able to get more power on the shot with the help of heavy racket as compared to the lightweight racket. But on the other hand with the help of lightweight racket, you will feel comfortable when you play a shot.

Due to continuously change in technology nowadays lighter rackets are created with the help of sophisticated materials and you are able to produce the same amount of power with the help of lighter racket as compared to heavier rackets, with better control and feel. With the help of light and quality racket, you may think a winning combination, but this comes at a price and if you are beginner then you may not even notice the difference. So keep this in mind when you are going to buy your first racket.

Which Squash Rackets Should I buy?

Personally, I don’t think which racket is best for you. Dunlop, Wilson, Prince, and Head are the most commonly used by world famous squash players. Prince O3 is also s great racket with the bigger sweet spot. If you are going to buy a racket for you first time then try to avoid a racket which is too light, as the lighter racket is expensive as compared to the heavy racket and will have less power. If you are a beginner to squash then it is important for you to be able to play a good length i.e. past the server’s box, hitting the ball to the back of the court.

Always try to buy a racket that is well balanced and durable (not head light or head heavy). As you improve then you able to control your swing on powerful shots a lot better. Buy such racket which has oversize of 490 cm2 or greater head size. So in this way, you will get a larger sweet spot and all the shots which are hit on off-center area will have more power but not much control. After few yeas try to look for the ideal squash racket for you that best suits your style of game better.

Generally, lots of famous squash player prefer lighter squash rackets over heavy rackets because they are more maneuverable while on the other hand heavier rackets suit retrievers. If you have strong front court game then larger head squash racket is a great choice for you. Once you have found such squash racket that best suits your skills than try to buy a spare because sometimes manufacturers discontinued their lots of rackets model after couples of years. One thing you need to keep in mind is that when you change a racket your game can suffer for up to 3 months. 



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