The layout of squash court defines recommended standards for singles as well as doubles squash courts for the international game of squash. The squash court is based on the World Squash Federation WSF which is also known as the sole International Federation for Squash and this federation is recognized by the International Olympic Committee which is also called IOC.

what should the layout for the squash court be

Recommended Standards for Court Construction

Here I am going to list the standards which are a must for the construction of any squash court.

1. Match Officials

There shall be a space provided in the court for a referee and a marker, who shall be able to see the whole court as well as able to hear the play and the players. The space provided for the referee and the market shall be the place of the back wall.

2. Court Dimensions

The plan dimensions of the singles court in squash, which is measured 1 meter above finished floor level, will be

Length of the court: 9855 mm plus or minus 12 mm

Width of the court: 6500 mm plus or minus 12 mm

Diagonals: 11670 mm plus or minus 20 mm

The plan dimensions of the doubles court in squash which is measured one meter above finished floor will be

Length: 9740 mm plus or minus 12 mm

Width: 7635 mm plus or minus 12 mm

Diagonals: 12260 mm plus or minus 20 mm

For WSF recognized regional and world events and commonwealth games, the width of the squash court has been expanded from 7630 to 8430 and on the other hand, the height above the floor to the top of the tin will be 350mm.

3. Clear Height

The clear height which is measured just above from the finished floor level (i.e. this is the height to the underside of the lowest obstruction) over the whole height of the squash court will not be less than 5.64m. The clear height will be measured from the underside of the lowest obstruction which also includes lights in the squash court.

Best Squash Court in United States

Squash season in United Season is just rolling around now for us afraid of the snow type folk. This game is also popular in United States because it doesn’t require up a whole lot of room. Also, squash is really straight forward as well as it is not expensive to play. Here I am going to list the top best squash courts in United States. So I will hope that you will like these courts.

National Squash Court

National Squash Court is the best squash court in United States. Yes such as thing that actually exists and also it lies in the heart of the peoples of the United States. There are about 10 courts included in this national squash academy which also includes a couple of glass exhibition courts, regularly scheduled programs, several trainers on site, and tournaments. Also here in this court, you will meet lots of series squash partners. If you are going to be a regular member of national squash academy then you have to pay some cash to the management of the academy. The lower price for 4-month national squash academy membership is $160. Also, if you are the regular member of this United States Squash Academy then you are able to take a part in lots of squash tournaments which held on this academy.

Portable Squash Court