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Squash Sport? Well, how many of you think that you know the sport properly? Underrated in a few countries this sport is hitting the charts everywhere around the globe. But if you are like those few odd chunks who don’t really know what squash is then you have probably landed at the correct place. Well, quite a few people know that squash actually evolved in England. In antiquity, people played squash using the palm of the hand but modern age squash players use high-tech machine made racquets. This is a fast paced game which demands the player to be physically agile and mentally active for tracking the ball in real time. Squash sport is not for professional players only. It is an entertaining sport for those who love competition and deal in daily work out for perfect body shape. This sport will take the real test of your physical endurance. No matter how physically fit you are, you won’t last playing squash for more than an hour. For a novice, squash sport might just be like hitting a ball harder but this game is far more than this. Energy and stamina are the essential features of this pursuit. It might surprise you but this sport is getting so popular today that presently the world holds about 50,000 squash courts and still more are opening up every day. Let’s discuss some useful points for a novice to understand how to play squash sport.

Rules and Squash Court

Starting up with the norms of play, just like other sports, squash sport also has different guidelines or rules to play. Squash sport is only playable in specially designed courts so you need to search for local squash court. A real court should look somewhat like this.

court example

Game Play


Both players spin the racquets to decide who’ll serve first and select the serving area: right or left. The serving player’s one foot must be in a service box and the ball must not hit the ground in the service for a perfect and legal delivery. The striker must be in the service line while playing service shot. Make sure the rubber ball bounces from the quarter court which is opposite to the server’s side and after the serve hits on the front wall it must bounce on floor. When the rally begins you don’t have to think about the red lines anymore until someone scores and if the server wins, the players must have to switch the sides.

The Scoring systems

The squash sport has two types of scoring systems which are as follows:

  • English Scoring System: This scoring system is also known as handout system. In this rule, the server gets a point he wins a rally while in case the receiver wins the rally, he will get the serve by getting no points. The player, who earns a score of 9, wins the game. In case, the game draws by 8-8, then the player who reached the 8th point first will choose whether it will be continued to 9 or 10 points. This scoring system was earlier used in commonwealth games.
  • PARS (Point-a-rally scoring): This is the current scoring system in professional levels of squash sport. This rule allocates a point to the player who wins the rally whether the player was serving or not. The player who gets the 11 points first is declared the winner of the game but it is crucial that the champ has a minimum 2 point lead

equipment needed to play

Equipment Requirements

  • Racquets: Get a great racket which is light and good for some hard hitting.
  • Balls: Beginners must begin with high bounce squash balls.
  • Court Shoes: Try to have cushioned shoes with minimal slippage.

Playing Strategy

Beginners might get confused where to start with. However the key is to stick to the basics and they will develop their game perfectly moving on this path. Even though played physically, squash is a game of mind. Here are a few tricks that could really assist you

  • Offence: Beginners mostly try to attack their opponents with some hard hits. However, this thing is not going to work for you in a long term. A great attacking strategy would be to play the ball close to the ground and fly up the very next shot. This will make it difficult for the opponent to play these rallies by moving forward and then immediately backwards winning you a lot of points.
  • Centralize yourself: Well this old little basic could do wonders all alone. Get back to the “T” to control the game. Standing upon the T would give you a centralized position through which you can play a wide range of shots. It will also make your movements easy along the court. Also, a position in the center of the court means that your opponent will be moving here and there more often reducing his stamina in long run. Moreover if your opponent occupies the T try to hit the balls into the corners to move back quickly to the T. If your opponent catches you in this same strategy and forced to leave the T to play a corner shot, chip the ball back again to the corner to regain the T. Remember occupying the center gives you a great cutting edge.

strategy number 2

  • Defense: Do remember that sometimes defense itself is the best offence. A defense could help you to create a counterattack against the opponent. Choose some flying shots, play long shots that force the opponent to move backwards reducing the pace with which the ball comes back to you. Also, try to engage the game into some exhaustive monotonous rallies and just when your opponent is not expecting create a counter attack by chipping the ball close to the ground.
  • Vary your pace and direction: In each shot of rally try to change the pace and direction of the ball route the ball into all corners of the court. Hit the ball at some good length and some cross courts too. Try to make an angle of the ball to hit the body line of your opponent.

The popularity of this sport has developed tremendously and a colossal amount of crowd is joining this sport for many reasons either it is competitive or some workout reasons. When you want to enroll; yourself in squash, commemorate the fact that there’s no short route to reach the final destination here. You’ve to go through many challenges and grasp the tutorials very precisely because it will help you to understand the fundamentals of the game deeply.

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